Friday, February 6, 2009

Some drawings, and 2008 memories...

This evening I've been going through my drawers and drawers full of art materials and sketchbooks. I discovered a pile of sketches I did last year, that had got hidden away amongst other things. I really do wish I could move into my own flat and be rich enough to afford a bedroom, art studio and library - I definitely have enough stuff to fill at least 3 rooms. Or maybe I should just try and become more of a minimalist. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to suit my magpie instincts....

Anyway here are a few pics I dug out. The biro line drawing was done on an empty postcard packet in a delightful little cafe terrace in Positano last summer, after a long early-morning cliff-top walk and a cooling spremuta.

The other drawings are from a night out in the Lower East side in New York in Spring last year. It was late April-early May, and New York was just waking up from the darkness of winter. The evenings were getting lighter and the blossom had begun to flourish, in a typically New York brash, bright pink. In New York, nothing happens by halves, and that includes the seasons. I think I had finished my internship at the Guggenheim at that point and was enjoying exploring areas of Downtown New York, which for me are still haunted by the aura of craziness and experimentation that went on there in the 1970s. That particular evening began at the Cake Shop on Ludlow Street, and then continued to a club called the Dark Room, where I spent the evening dancing with my Parisian friend Clémentine and her friends. Fun!

Monday, February 2, 2009

London Snow

London came to a standstill today because of unusually heavy snow.
The last time we had so much snow was 18 years ago - I distinctly remember that day. I was seven years old and had my first taste of sledging on Kite hill (aka Parliament Hill).
Today I had to trek to South Kensington to work which wasn't much fun, but it was a rather surreal day in the office as hardly anyone else made it in.
Here are some pictures of my journey to and from work.