Saturday, April 26, 2008

My T-shirts

I have been hand painting t-shirts for a few years now. I wear them and my family and friends have all been given them as presents over the years. One year I screen-printed photos of each of my cousins onto organza fabric and attached this to colourful t-shirts, customising with ribbons and beads. I have been doing floral designs for a long time now, usually just from my head, although I once made a t-shirt with a blue and purple floral design after visiting Monet's Nymphias at the Orangerie in Paris, and I realised after I painted it that it must have been inspired by that. 

This year I've begun selling my t-shirts and camisoles at a boutique in Park Slope, Brooklyn called Flirt. Here are a few examples of them. Once I move back to London I will set up a business to sell them. I will also set up a service whereby people can bring me their own t-shirts and I will charge a fee to customise them.

Here are some examples of my work. 

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