Thursday, May 8, 2008

Biting off more than you can chew

OK, so we all know that America has an obesity problem and that it's often down to portion sizing. Why oh why, then, do they allow those atrocious adverts that lure hungry customers by encouraging them that bigger is better?

Take Subway for instance- that well-known, omnipresent sandwich brand. Their adverts for 'foot-long subs' are an unavoidable part of one's TV viewing experience here. For just $5, you can eat one foot's worth of processed bread, meat and all kinds of fattening sauces. Yum, yum. And I walked past a billboard the other day asking passers-by 'Stuck in traffic? Why wait empty-handed?' or words to that effect. 'Cos a greasy sub is just what you need to help pass the time.

But that's not all - now Quiznos, another chain sarnies outlet, is challenging Subway - guaranteeing 'more meat' than its rival brand. As their slogan says, 'cos if you're gonna eat $5, you might as well have more meat'. 50% more, they say. And if that isn't enough to woo your taste buds, that close-up frame of about a tonne of processed meat sure will.

Bon appetit!

(image - an oh-so-fresh Subway sandwich)

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