Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yes, I want a job. But please, spare the jargon

If you're looking for jobs at the moment, you may share a certain irritation with me. Is it me, or is there a growing tendency on the part of recruiters to create ludicrously exaggerated headlines in their adverts?

Recent favourites include the enticing tagline, 'Do you have a passion for punctuation?' and, better still, 'Are you mad about cosmetics?' (No, really).

But the best has definitely been the boastful (and tautological) sentence rounding off one recruitment agency's ad: 'Competition for this role is very competitive'. Gosh, doesn't it make you want to apply right now?


Naznene said...

I think the fluffy, pink taglines are rather cunning - they get discriminating readers like yourself to notice the ads in the first place - innit dough? There's some chance,you'll go on to scan the ad, having been suitably outraged and then, bingo! They've won. And you, madam, are looking for a job both currently and at the moment- you are clearly spending too much time reading these ads, niece, darling. xx

Clementine Gallot said...

I know what you mean, believe me (one job posting I saw actually involved reviewing porn).