Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Paris scenes

Here are some photos and sketches from my recent trip to Paris.

view, afternoon, Canal St. Martin


Sketch from a stunning Kandinsky show at the Pompidou. I recognised this painting from the Guggenheim founding collection. It looks even more spectacular in this show, surrounded by so many other works from different periods of the artist's life. I liked the way the exhibition is ordered chronologically, with a room for each phase in the artist's life, which also coincides with periods he spent in different cities. This chronological approach seems to have gone out of fashion in the UK, and I agree that sometimes it isn't the best way to show of an artists' oeuvre. But it works a treat with this show.

Flowers in the gorgeous jardins Albert Khan - we cycled across Paris on our vélibs to get there (well almost, we made it to the 16e and then hopped on the metro).

Dusk on the Rive Droite

Notre Dame, sunset

Street art in Belleville

St Martin mural

Took this at 6 am as I crossed the canal on my way to catch the Eurostar.

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