Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Musicians, Picasso and Helen

Here are a few sketches done in recent months - some more recent than others.

I did this sketch on Sunday night - my cousin Susie and her boyfriend Ed performed at an open mic session at a bar in Tower Hill (a bar where my other cousin Genevieve used to work). It was a lovely evening and I can't wait to hear more of Susie and Ed's music. I might play the 'cello with them soon too.

My friend Helen who is now living in Malaysia. I drew these in a Soho cafe whilst waiting for food to come. It was a dark January evening, and we were with another mutual friend, Milenna, who was visiting from Amsterdam. We'd just visited the Annie Liebovitz exhibition and were celebrating Helen's new job as well as Milenna's visit, and reminiscing about fun times spent together in New York last year.

Sketches from the Picasso exhibition at the National Gallery. I fell in love with the final room - especially Picasso's takes on Delacroix' Femmes d'Algers series.

Two of a series of sketches I did during a masked ball I attended over Easter weekend. I love sketching live musicians - there's something really liberating about having just a few seconds to capture their shapes and a sense of their movement.

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