Monday, July 14, 2008

Blonde Explosion

Has anyone noticed how, since the Agyness Deyn phenomenon has kicked in good and proper, all the fashion supplements are using models with peroxide blonde crops?

As ever, Vogue magazine may have something to do with this. Since Deyn graced their cover in June 2007, her career has rocketed. 12 months later, she's on the cover again just to prove she isn't a passing phase. And she does look cool.

However, all those other Deyn lookalikes don't. Yes, the model Elena Sudakova pictured in Saturday's Telegraph magazine does have a sleek, ├╝ber-sporty, Germanic look and that ice blonde crop sets it off well. It also complements the pale shades of the arid landscape she is framed against. Yes, the fluffy, oversized peroxide quiff worn by Zoe Brown in the Guardian weekend magazine combines well with the androgynous yet slinky look she's modelling. Unfortunately, the fact that these girls look good just isn't enough - the fashion world being what it is, only one person can reign supreme when it comes to an image-defining look. Kate Moss does it time and again, from 'that' crop back in the late 90s to her 70s-style, middle-parted straight locks. Each style makes a statement, whether it's carefree (Kate's long locks) or rock-chick (Agyness' do). It's a catch-22 though - those Deyns and Mosses set the trends, albeit unwittingly, and stylists take their cue... until everyone else jumps on the bandwaggon, and gradually (sometimes too gradually though) the public gets bored.

The aforementioned Deyn look, in this case, is a curse and a blessing. A curse, because now we have to face an onslaught of fashion pages graced by a range models wearing the look. The blessing lies in the fact that, thankfully, this particular hairstyle won't look good on everyone (imagining myself sporting the look quite frankly scares me, as it would anyone who hasn't got an English-rose complexion). There's also the fact that Deyn has the rock 'n' roll lifestyle to match her dramatic hairdo, and most of us don't. So at least we won't have to walk down the street filled with wannabe Agynesses - although believe me I've spotted a few.

(pictures: Deyn as Vogue cover girl: June 2008; June 2007)

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