Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pocket Caravan

Tonight I went to see the band Pocket Caravan perform at Shunt night club in London Bridge.

One of my best friend's boyfriends is the guitarist in the band and this is the first time I've heard them, as I was in New York for all their last gigs.

It was Pocket Caravan's album launch today. I loved the music. Their style is eclectic, blending central European folk with a strong Brazilian feel, owing to the Brazilian musicians in the band. It instantly reminded me a lot of Tony Gatlif, the French filmmaker/musician of Gypsy/Algerian descent. Since seeing his film Transylvania last year I've been a huge fan and listen to his music all the time. I found out afterwards that Gatlif is indeed an influence on the band. But most of all, their sound is distinctive and different - a welcome contrast to the copycat sounds circulating in the British indie music scene. I've bought the album, but I'm looking forward to hearing more live gigs too.

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